Extreme Broadband Dipole Antenna for 2 meters

Build your own Extreme Broadband, easy to tune, transmiting, (or receiving), antenna, for 2 meters, Cheap and easy.
Its a Coaxial folded Dipole antenna using RG-213 coaxial cable.
I use this antenna allready 10 months now and I was waiting before finish this video to be sure for its qualities.
I am not sure when (and if) I will upload the second part with the SWR meter, but these are the SWR results*:
138MHZ 1.4
139MHZ 1.45
140MHZ 1.4
141MHZ 1.2
142MHZ 1.1
143MHZ 1.05
144MHZ 1.03
145MHZ 1.02
146MHZ 1.02
147MHZ 1.04
148MHZ 1.09
149MHZ 1.15
150MHZ 1.25
151MHZ 1.35
152MHZ 1.4
153MHZ 1.35
154MHZ 1.35
155MHZ 1.4
156MHZ 1.45
157MHZ 1.7
158MHZ 1.8
159MHZ 2.1
* My SWR meter is very old and not dedicated for the VHF band. However a friend of mine have the same one and assured me that its results are the same with an expencive dedicate VHF SWR meter he also have.
For the measures I used a portable Baofeng ur-5r, 4 Watts of power and a 15 meters RG-58 low quality coaxial cable.


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